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Art Exhibition: Why Katy Perry Looks Good with Fruits

The Prank Pop Princess The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York is known for great 20th-century and contemporary artworks of living artists. Hence, one can find more than 21,000 works created by 3,000 influential artists. And, since last week, the Whitney has got one interesting still life more. Already


This Is Why Rila Fukushima Is Our Latest Runway Crush

Rila, The Asian Superstar With self-confidence and a pretty cool walk, she opened the Louis Vuitton 2018 show on Sunday at the Miho Museum southeast of Kyoto. And, no wonder, all eyes were on her: Hollywood’s Marvel-Princess and model Rila Fukushima. Known from movies like The Wolverine (2013), Twilight: Saya


Elle Fanning’s Fantastic Fan Fantasy Is Everything

Elle Fanning Fanning Fanning With her first-ever Vogue cover, actress and Hollywood’s sweetheart Elle Fanning can now call herself a real Vogue-girl. And it’s no wonder that Vogue literally is fanning out with the 19-year-old superstar. Having started as Dakota Fanning‘s little sister, Elle isn’t the only Fanning with an impressive acting

Model Crush: This Is Why We Love Ju Xiao Wen In Vogue’s Latest Film

  Xiao Wen in Hollywood The iconic Hollywood Sign, a strong thunderstorm, a bizarre sound and in the middle of the weird scenario: model Ju Xiao Wen. In the short Vogue film Xiaowen in Hollywood (directed by Roe Ethridge), the Chinese model shows us her hilarious side and we love it!

Positive Body Message: BFFs Georgia Gibbs & Katie Wasley Make Us Feel Good In Our Skin

  Social Media & Body Shaming  What happens when two women with different shapes take a selfie and upload it on social media? As in case of model Georgia Gibbs and her BFF Katie Wasley, it has been the beginning of a painful topic of conversation. After sharing their friendship

Marion Cotillard & Her Lip Dilemma

The French Embodiment Of Style She is known for her signature French style, her natural look and impressive acting performances: none other than Marion Cotillard. Whether in her latest Allied (2016) movie with co-star Brad Pitt where one can literally fell the love in the air, in the romantic drama Rust


Britney Ever After: See Natasha Bassett Giving Her Best In This Piercing Lifetime Biopic

The Pop Star Movie With (only) 3.851 Instagram followers, Australian starlet Natasha Bassett might be not as popular as the rest of the Hollywood glam squad. But this might change very soon. In her biggest role yet she portays one of world’s biggest pop stars: none other than Britney Spears.

Natalie Portman Brings Jackie Kennedy Back To Life & We Are Obsessed By It

My Name Is Jackie In Pablo Larrain’s movie Jackie, Natalie Portman portraits Jackie Kennedy after the death of her husband, President John F. Kennedy, and her performance is as stunning as we would have expected it to be. Touching, stirring and incredibly authentic: indeed, Portman did a great job when

What’s Your Weekend-Passion? Anthony Hopkins, For Instance, Loves To Paint

The Godfather Of Gruesome Roles He is one of world’s most iconic actors, is known for the portrayal of Hollywood’s cult murderer and, as for his age, this man is really good in shape – none other than Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins. Whether as the cannibalistic serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter


Victoria Beckham’s Letter To Her 18-Year-Old Self Is Everything

Tough Adolescence  Uncertainty, low self-confidence, too many complexes: this is how most of the adults probably felt when being a teenager. Moreover, no time in our life is filled with so many emotions, heartbreaks and adventurous look experiments like when turning 18. Indeed, it seems as being young, wild and