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We ♥ The Funny Stripes Friday

Get Striped, Girl! Stripes here, stripes there, stripes everywhere – just as the cool model on the picture below, there’s nothing better than rocking the last working day of the week with the appropriate accessory: funky Breton stripes tights. Always with a touch of the signature French, it gives the necessary

It’s Flamingo Time!

Flamingo Fever Are you pretty in love? We definitely are! And we must confess: we love everything Marina posts on Instagram. Especially the pretty, pink and fluffy images. This is real flamingo love: Marina & her cute pink friends  (image inspired by Marina’s post from August 2016) Already curious? Visit


Paris Hilton Actually Invented The Selfie (And One Of The Kardashian’s)

The Real Selfie Star She knew how to do self-promotion par excellence, she did reality TV (The Simple Life, 2003-2007) before any other socialite did and, most important of all, she always loved to take pictures of herself long before Kim and the other celeb-selfie-squad knew what a selfie is. And, by the way,


Interior Inspiration: Why “A Little Bit Pop” Is All We Need This Friday

The Woman With The “Pop-Effect” “We don’t want to be a cliché, we don’t want to be a brand.” Moreover, “we don’t want to be a pop star. We don’t want to be pop, we don’t want to be star”, says Italian architect and designer Massimiliano Fuksas. If these statements make you


Grace Vou Wishes You a Fluffy Easter!

Easter With Style Are you still wondering how to get yourself into the Easter spirit? As the egg-hunting holiday is fast approaching, it’s high-time to get some très chic bunny-inspirations with social medias’ most beloved supermodels.  From Gisele to Alessandra – see how world’s most beautiful ladies spend their holidays with lots of


The Best Beauty Tips Every Woman Needs To Know, According To Centenarians

  Are You Beauty-Tutorial-Fatigue? We all have this daily beauty routine: first of all we prep our skin: we moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Then we use foundation, concealer and other flawlessly-looking-skin products. After this long procedure, we need to do contouring (because Kim, Kendall and other perfectly looking girls do so). Phew!


Why Ryoji Imaizumi Is Our Favourite Hair Stylist (And Why We Should Wear Barbie On Our Head)

This. Is. Awesome His hair looks are really crazy, extremely flamboyant and absolutely legendary: Ryoji Imaizumi is anything but a normal hair stylist. Hence, you can find colourful wigs, artful updos and even naked Barbie dolls, toy cars, teddy bears, candies, tons of glitter, colourful hair extensions or metal clips creatively put

How To Get Your Home Spring-Ready, According To Reese Witherspoon

  The Flower Lady Reese Witherspoon is not only Hollywood’s A-list actress, supermom of two wonderful kids and one of our favourite style icons. When following her Instagram account @reesewitherspoon, we get a glimpse of her charming house. Whether when standing in her inviting entryway or while just lying on the


What’s In Your Handbag? Lily-Rose Depp, For Instance, Carries A Signature Chanel Ring In It (And Other Iconic Girl-Stuff)

  The Coquette Girl She is pretty, refreshingly cool and the new shooting star: actress Lily-Rose Depp. The 17-year-old daughter of Hollywood’s cult actor Johnny Depp and the ultimate French-Girl Vanessa Paradis seems to take the modelling and acting world by storm. Whether as Chanel’s muse, as Natalie Portman’s co-star


Beauty And The Beast: Polish Starlet Olga Kalicka Gives Belle Her Voice

The Golden Voice She is incredibly talented, knows how to move and her voice might be your latest Disney crush: rising polish starlet Olga Kalicka is, just as recently revealed, the polish voice of one of our most beloved Disney princesses. In Beauty and the Beast (Polish title: Piękna i Bestia, 2017), she gives